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An Hour Bank contribution provides an advantage and a level of stability that can’t be achieved through a traditional benefits plan.

Watch this video to learn more about Boon’s Hour Bank solution for government contractors.

Cost Savings Calculator

Find out what savings Boon has in store for you! See how you can save by providing fringe benefits.

Try our cost savings calculator to find the potential for tax and payroll savings available to you. As a government contractor working under Davis Bacon, Service Contract, or Living Wage Regulations, you have the choice to either pay fringe benefit obligations in cash or through benefits. This table will provide you with an example of the savings that may be available to your company if you utilize fringe contributions to provide “bona fide” benefits in lieu of paying cash wages. 

Please note these calculations are for illustrative purposes only. Because the table does not take into account every factor involved in your situation which may impact the final results, the final results may vary from the illustrative computations.

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