Are You Ready for a DOL Audit of Your Employee Health Plan?

Will your employee benefit plan stand the test of a Department of Labor (DOL) audit or criminal investigation?

The DOL’s Employee Benefits Security Administration closed 365 criminal investigations in fiscal 2014, representing a nearly 30 percent increase since fiscal 2010. With DOL investigations on the rise and new Executive orders requiring extensive compliance measures, it is becoming more important than ever for government contractors to partner with a third party administrator that can provide compliant solutions.

The Boon Group has been partnering with government contractors for more than 30 years to design compliant fringe benefit solutions. We offer products that can be implemented quickly and tailored to meet the designated health and welfare fringe rate for any government contract.

Not sure if your fringe benefit plan is in compliance? We can help. Call 1-800-368-BOON today to learn more.

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