Boon Debuts New Corporate Identity To Address Simplified Solutions To A Complicated Industry

Boon Debuts New Corporate Identity To Address Simplified Solutions To A Complicated Industry

Austin, TX – September 3, 2019 – Boon debuts its new corporate identity today with the release of its new logo and website. The new brand reflects the company’s vision of being the leading provider of employee benefits for the government contracting industry.

Boon’s new corporate identity was developed to provide a more simplified and engaging presence in the marketplace. The company has moved away from The Boon Group to simply, Boon. This simplified approach, speaks to the new identity, website and the solutions Boon provides.

“Our goal was to refresh the brand in a manner that leveraged our strong brand awareness and delivered on the need for clear and concise content. The government contracting industry is complicated — providing digestible and valuable content is critical.” says Marisol Valdez, Director of Marketing. “Our new identity is fresh, modern, concise, and continues to push us ahead of our competitors.” Since 2012, Boon’s marketing efforts have gained traction by leading the brand with a clean and modern identity, in an otherwise conventional industry.

The new logo pays homage to the previous logo by incorporating the logo mark to speak to the “connect the dots” philosophy in grasping our client’s complex pain points and delivering compliant, cost-effective and competitive solutions. The new website,, delivers a streamlined, user-friendly experience to illustrate the unique products, services and solutions Boon offers.

“For almost 40 years Boon has been dedicated to the government contracting industry. Our goal is to continually improve the way we do business to ensure our contractor and broker clients have the best of the market at their disposal. Our rebrand is just one of many planned improvements to our delivery, programs and services we market.” says Taylor Boon, President.