Boon: Employee Benefits and Industry Expertise

Boon: Employee Benefits and Industry Expertise

At Boon, we look at employee benefits and healthcare as the ultimate solution. The foundation of any successful business is a healthy workforce and we understand that need. We also understand that benefits are a means of responding to needs, adapting to shifting industry landscapes, and serve as a tool for employer success. We’re proud to be a partner to the employer through our innovative employee benefits and niche industry expertise. If this blog is your introduction to Boon, allow us to tell you more about what we do!

We create winning opportunities for contractors.

Companies turn to Boon when they’re seeking a flexible solution that offers them a competitive edge. At Boon, we define our success through the success of our government contractor clients – which is why we know that fringe benefit solutions are the key to contractor competitiveness.

Each of our employee benefits solutions is designed with the government contracting niche in mind. This takes the form of our successful “3 Cs” approach to benefits. Every contractor is seeking three things: They want to maintain compliance. They want to capitalize on cost savings. They want to be a strong competitor.

That’s “3 Cs.”  Compliance. Cost Savings. Competitiveness.

Fringe benefits are an adaptable, cost-effective employee benefit solution that every contractor should have in their arsenal. Pair that with flexible options like hour banking and telemedicine and you’ve got a winning solution. For construction contractors especially, 2022 shows a great deal of promise and opportunity for government contracts. Our job is to give our contractor clients the tools they need to seize that opportunity!

We’re the expert in your corner.

For over three decades, Boon has been innovating solutions in the government contracting space. We’re aware of the constantly shifting nature of the industry and how that impacts the needs of our clients, and we’ve got the expertise to navigate those challenges. This deeper understanding of the government contracting niche allows us to guide our clients, consult on their concerns, and offer solutions that actually offer our clients a competitive edge.

With our consultative approach to benefit solutions, we take the guesswork out of compliance concerns and the burden out of benefits administration. We take the concerns that intimidate many employers and offer simplified, streamlined solutions.

We specialize in forward-thinking employee benefits.

A well-thought-out employee benefit solution considers both the challenges of the current moment and the future opportunities on the horizon. That’s what we offer. Our solutions allow employers to face their challenges head on, plan ahead, and strategize for success. Now more than ever, employers need flexible solutions that truly fit their needs.

We offer the benefits that matter, delivered in a way that makes sense for now. That’s the value of Boon: employee benefits designed with your business in mind and the expertise to implement these solutions with ease.

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