A Dependent Healthcare Solution for Families

A Dependent Healthcare Solution for Families

Family comes first. We all work hard for our families to provide for the people that matter the most. Providing care, security, and safety is at the foundation of what we all strive for – for our loved ones. Affordable access to dependent care is not always easy, until now. Finally, there is an affordable, straightforward healthcare solution that allows participants to offer medical coverage to their dependents.

Boon is proud to introduce our innovative offering — Boundless BenefitsTM  — the benefit choice for dependent care.

What is Boundless Benefits?

Boundless Benefits is a dependent only healthcare solution that provides medical coverage to an employee’s spouse or child(ren). This is an all-new, first of its kind solution that meets working families where they are and offers the care that they need the most. The plan presents an opportunity for those that cannot afford a traditional medical plan. Boundless Benefits is offered as either voluntary or employer paid.

A Healthcare Solution that Cares

In the current insurance market, there is a regrettable gap when it comes to dependent care. As healthcare costs rise across the board, a lack of affordability has put healthcare out of reach for many families. Affording a traditional major medical plan is difficult enough and access is challenging. Many employees simply cannot afford to enroll their dependents onto their employer benefit plan.

Boundless Benefits offers a well-rounded approach to healthcare that addresses the basic needs of families — from hospital confinement and physician/specialist benefits to prescription coverage. No cost virtual care allows families to access digital care such as telemedicine. First dollar coverage means no copays, no deductible, and no waiting period — making it easier for families to access their benefits.

Our Healthcare Solution Designed with Families in Mind

Boundless Benefits is the affordable choice for dependent benefits, designed for working American families. Crafted in response to a vital need for dependent care coverage in medical insurance. Boundless Benefits is an affordable, simple and straightforward solution to family care.

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