Fringe Benefits Design by Service Contract Act Experts

Fringe Benefits Design by Service Contract Act Experts

The government contracting space is a well of opportunity for businesses. So why are so many employers giving government contracts a wide berth? For many employers the realities of contract compliance, regulations, administration, and requirements can be very intimidating. Our experts are here to ease those concerns. With a fringe benefits design by Service Contract Act experts, our solutions help businesses pave the way for growth and the opportunities of the government contracting space.

Growing Your Business with the Service Contract Act

The federal government awards contracts to businesses every single day. On the merit of size and scope alone, there is immense opportunity for growing a business with awarded Service Contract Act contracts. That being said – there is still a competition for what contractor will seize that opportunity. When approaching fringe benefits design, Boon takes a “3 Cs” approach. Our solutions must be compliant and cost-effective so that our clients are more competitive. That’s how we offer winning solutions to our clients.

When it comes to Service Contract Act contracts, in particular, businesses are typically looking at a four- or five-year contract that renew in term. This presents an attractive space for businesses to enter, as it guarantees a long-term contract. More importantly, if a contractor can accurately and effectively price their bid, there’s a good chance that they will keeping winning contracts.

Making Fringe Benefits Design a Cornerstone of Business Strategy

Most businesses shy away from the government contracting space because of the compliance burden. Contracts come with a host of regulations and requirements, compliance concerns, and major administrative efforts. Benefits present a particular challenge, as fringe accounting and reporting can be a significant challenge for businesses that are new to the government contracting arena. There’s a reason why many employers choose to pay the fringe rate out in cash, rather than into a fringe benefit plan. However, at Boon, we see a better option.

With over forty years of niche industry expertise and innovative fringe benefits design under our belt, Boon is in your corner. Our solutions offload the stressors of compliance and relieve the administrative burden of fringe benefit administration, so that contractors can focus on what they do best – going out and winning contracts. The value of fringe benefits is reflected in payroll tax savings, the ability to provide employees with sought after benefits like healthcare, and a truly realized bottom line savings opportunity by making every dollar count.

Fringe Benefits Design by Service Contract Act Experts

Not sure where to start your journey into competitive contracting? Have no fear, Boon is here! Our Service Contract Act experts bring a consultative approach to customizing a fringe benefits design that fits your business. We evaluate the needs of every contractor to ensure that the benefits strategy in place creates the cost savings necessary to make your contracts more competitive.

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