Partnering With a Better Benefit Administrator

Partnering With a Better Benefit Administrator

At Boon, we think of ourselves as your link to benefits. To us that means bringing our expertise to the table, hearing your unique concerns, and delivering the best possible solution for your business. Partnering with a benefit administrator can be the ticket to cost savings, compliance, and reducing your burden.

Read on to learn more about how fostering a partnership philosophy can ultimately lead to better benefit solutions!

Boon’s Signature Partnership Approach

We see every client interaction as an opportunity to be a partner, with investment in each contractor’s success. We take a consultative approach to each client, focusing first on their unique workforce, challenges, and goals before customizing a flexible benefit solution. As a benefit administrator, Boon offers our clients 40+ years of knowledge and expertise. By intimately understanding the government contracting space and emphasizing education, Boon is able to provide guidance to employers and properly monitor their benefits administration, freeing up businesses to focus on other important tasks.

The Benefit of Working With Boon

What are the top concerns facing government contractors? Maintaining compliance, keeping costs down, and putting forth a competitive bid. In any given year, these three goals are further complicated by factors like new legislation, hiring and talent retention trends, and the ebb and flow of costs. Boon’s solutions take a well-rounded approach to addressing the challenges of today, while also looking ahead to the future. Each benefit offering emphasizes those initial “3 Cs” — compliance, cost savings, and competitiveness.

It’s often true that the burden of administration is why contractors choose not to take advantage of the competitive edge that comes with offering benefits. We understand that concern and that’s why we are here to help. Working with a benefit administrator allows contractors to offer the most competitive benefits, while leaving matters of administration and compliance concerns to the experts!

Boon is a Collaborative and Flexible Benefit Administrator

Boon understands all contractors are not the same. Some contractors may want an off-the-shelf solution, while others strive for a custom assortment of benefits. Choose the benefit administrator who offers multiple methods of fringe benefits administration, tailored to the unique needs of your business.

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