Standards for San Francisco HCSO Released

Standards for San Francisco HCSO Released

The City of San Francisco recently released their official 2019 notice regarding the Health Care Security Ordinance that applies to businesses with 20 or more workers and nonprofits with 50 or more employees.

It states that businesses with 20 or more workers worldwide (50 or more workers in the nonprofit space) must spend a minimum amount on healthcare benefits for each of their covered employees. The notice defines covered employees as those that work for eight or more hours per week in the city of San Francisco and have been employed for more than 90 days.

Employers with 22 to 99 workers must spend at least $1.95 on benefits per each hour payable to each covered employee. Employers with 100 or more workers must spend at least $2.33. It’s required that these expenditures be made for each employee within 30 days following the end of each calendar quarter.

Employers have a choice when it comes to how they spend the money, provided  they make the minimum required expenditures. For example, employers could make payments to the City’s health benefit program or they could pay for healthcare benefits for their employees.

Check out our previous blog post on the pros of offering benefits to your employees.

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The City has the option to investigate possible violations of this ordinance and can order employers who violate the ordinance to pay penalties and make payments for healthcare benefits.

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