Five Simple Summer Wellness Hacks

Five Simple Summer Wellness Hacks

Summer is the season to play! Many of us are already looking forward to long, warm days and fun in the sun with our friends and loved ones. Every season represents a new opportunity to revamp our wellness routine and incorporate lifestyle changes to promote health and well-being! Check out some of these simple summer wellness hacks:

1. Take a Vacation (Safely…)

After a year of staying at home, major restrictions on travel, and burnout on the rise, what most of us need is a chance to get away! Regardless of where you are and what the reality of COVID-19 looks like in your area, make some time for vacation. Enjoy a staycation in your city by taking time off from work to relax at home or enjoy local sites. Choose an easy day trip or nearby destination, for low-stress travel and easy planning. The CDC has even weighed in on travel safety, so now may be the time to plan that big vacation that you put off in 2020.

2. Make a Plan for Mental Health, as the World Reopens

As COVID-19 vaccines become more widely available, the conversation has turned to what life will look like in a post-pandemic world. Many are looking to the summer and early fall as a window to experiment with returning to the office and pre-pandemic operations. For many workers, the discussion is riddled with anxieties as one in four American workers prefer to remain remote and 42% of workers plan to seek other employment if forced to return. Whatever the reopening of the world means to you, now is the time to make your mental health plan. Consider what you have learned about yourself, under the restrictions of the pandemic, and what pros and cons you want to take with you into a reopened world.

3. Embrace Fresh Fruits and Veggies

Nothing says “Summer!” like a slice of watermelon or a refreshing summer salad. The summer harvest season yields a delicious array of healthy snacks – melons, cucumber, corn, peppers, arugula, and tomatoes to name a few. Nutritionists have touted the benefits of eating in-season produce for years and summer is the perfect opportunity to make that lifestyle change. Enjoy warm summer Saturdays at your local farmer’s market or get your hands dirty in your own vegetable garden!

4. Engage in Light, Fun Exercise

As temperatures go up in the summer, suddenly those long neighborhood runs seem less appealing – and may even present the danger of heat stroke. Combine exercise with summer fun by engaging in gentle activities like yoga, bike riding, and swimming. Summer is an ideal time to take physical activity and turn it into time well-spent with loved ones at your local park or pool.

5. Stay Safe While Having Fun in the Sun

It’s hard to resist the warm summer weather! While you’re catching rays, be sure to practice proper sun safety. Harmful ultraviolet rays are the top cause of skin cancer and can also lead to eye damage, premature wrinkles and skin damage. During the peak hours, seek shade under a tree or beach umbrella. It’s also important to choose a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and reapply every two hours (more often if you’re getting in and out of the water or sweating).

Practicing Summer Wellness for Fitness, Health, and Fun

Wellness is the foundation that a happy, healthy life rests on. Now more than ever, we have an appreciation for the benefits of a healthy body and a healthy mindset. We hope these summer wellness hacks help you find that balance of mental health, physical fitness, fun in the sun, and overall wellness. Make Summer 2021 a healthy one!

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