Telemedicine Solutions on the Rise During COVID-19

Telemedicine Solutions on the Rise During COVID-19

For better or for worse, our current “normal” is all about being digital and keeping our distance. The unique challenges associated with COVID-19 call for innovative and forward-thinking solutions. In light of social distancing measures and stay-at-home orders that are in place around the nation, telemedicine has become more important than ever. In the interest of public health and safety, many are turning to telemedicine as a healthcare solution.

What is Telemedicine?

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) defines telemedicine as any use of electronic information or telecommunications technologies to carry out long-distance health and patient care services. This definition includes digital approaches like teleconferencing, email, and internet or phone-based communication used to connect healthcare providers with their patients.

Telemedicine is likely a wave of the future in healthcare, but it initially got off to a rocky start. A 2017 study found that 82 percent of consumers in the United States did not utilize telemedicine services at all, either out of lack of awareness or skepticism over security. It’s safe to say that the digital health trend didn’t really catch on until we were forced to take a closer look at telemedicine as a healthcare solution during COVID-19.

Telemedicine Solutions in Healthcare

Telemedicine is bridging the gap between people and healthcare providers, during a time when staying home is of the utmost importance. Through telemedicine, doctors are able to monitor and diagnose symptomatic patients for a number of health concerns, without placing the healthcare professional or the patient at risk of exposure of diseases, including COVID-19. Telemedicine provides an essential protection to physicians, keeps our hospitals open to better handle the pandemic, and gives families piece of mind to know that their healthcare needs can be met from the safety of home.

Telemedicine Solutions and Your Business

Boon continues to be an innovator in the benefits industry, especially for government contractors. A cornerstone of our strategy in the current market is our telemedicine offering.

Our selected telemedicine platform is HealthiestYou. This solution puts healthcare in your pocket with phone, email, or video assistance and connects members with board certified doctors and other medical providers. It is healthcare from the safety of home.

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Telemedicine, Beyond COVID-19

The scope of telemedicine solutions has exponentially expanded in a very short amount of time. The Department of Health and Human Services has worked to create wider accessibility to telemedicine services, addressing HIPAA and billing concerns that previously limited the usability of the platform. Going forward, telemedicine will likely be used more frequently. It’s a solution for individuals to access healthcare. Additionally, it will allow the benefits of remote care to finally be fully realized.

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