Why Boon?

Why Boon?

What a year it has been! 2020 has been defined by changes and the flexibility of individuals and businesses. For all of us at Boon, we have also had to adapt to the moment and, more importantly, continue to put together solutions that help our clients remain competitive during these trying times. As 2020 ends and another year begins, we’re happy to move forward with our clients. For those of you who don’t know us yet and are asking “Why Boon?,” allow us to answer that question and introduce ourselves!

Fringe Benefits Are Worth Their Weight in Gold

Fringe benefits are a simple, elegant solution to a major contractor concern: the race to stay competitive. Winning contracts are a matter of small margins and any edge over the competition is critical to a contractor’s success. At Boon, one thing we’ve learned after decades of working with government contractors is that fringe benefits are worth their weight in gold!

The obvious value of fringe benefits is that they create a cost saving tax advantage for the contractor over other contractors that pay the fringe amount out in cash. Beyond the cost savings, a solid foundation of healthcare for employees can save employers in the long run – especially during these times. Boon has successfully been creating benefit solutions that suit the unique needs of the government contractor for over 35 years. We believe in a simplified and comprehensive approach to benefits that culminates in contractor success.

Innovative Solutions For the Current Moment

In 2020, the need for  effective business solutions has never been more apparent. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought many businesses into a completely unique situation, causing traditional business models to flip resulting in major impact to employees. As businesses have adapted, Boon has adapted our benefit offerings and put our innovative approach to finding solutions to address the current moment.

Our offerings have always been flexible and customizable. For 2020, we’ve been able to offer our clients the additional stability and transparency they need. Offerings such as hour banking, telemedicine services, and our Administrative Services Only solutions have all helped our clients to weather these difficult times.

“Why Boon?” Because We’re the Experts

Maintaining compliance and managing benefits administration is an intimidating task that overwhelms many contractors. Every contractor must juggle the goal of competitively pursuing its next bid and caring for its employees. At Boon, we understand these concerns and have been helping government contractors manage their fringe benefits and compliance concerns for years.

Our customized solutions are compliant and cost-effective, offering a competitive edge to our clients. However, our mission goes beyond the value of fringe benefits – a value we believe very strongly in. As subject matter experts with a reputation as innovators in benefits, Boon’s greatest value is our consultative approach to creating solutions for our clients. We’re in your corner as expert fringe consultants, giving our clients a leg up on the competition. It’s who we are.

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