Working with a Professional Benefit Administrator Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

Working with a Professional Benefit Administrator Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

What makes for a competitive contractor? There are a few ways to answer that question. Flexibility and adaptability in the face of challenges. Cost saving initiatives to put forth more competitive bids. At Boon, we believe that it’s to the contractor’s advantage to cover all of these bases! While that may seem easier said than done, working with a professional benefit administrator allows contractors to make the most out of their time and resources, to achieve cost savings, compliance, and competitiveness.

Using the Expertise of a Professional Benefit Administrator

Why partner with a professional benefit administrator? Many businesses turn to third-party administrators because they offer a wealth of knowledge on employee benefits, health insurance, government regulations, and compliance. A professional benefit administrator can handle an array of services on behalf of the employer when it comes to benefits management.

At Boon, for example, we bring 40+ years of experience in consulting with contractors and providing benefit solutions. We offer our clients a consultative approach to employee benefits, in addition to our services like fringe accounting and administration.

Remove the Burden of Benefits Administration

Many contractors find the burden of compliance and administration intimidating. We don’t blame them! It’s no small task to account for such detail, for each employee, and hinge the compliance of a business on it! A professional benefit administrator’s job is to relieve that burden by offering up resources, education, and, above all, administrative services.

With compliance concerns and all of that benefits administration work out of the way, employers can focus on their business and making it the best it can be. That’s why all of us at Boon put so much priority on being a consultant and a partner to the success of our clients.

Boon Puts You in the Driver’s Seat

We meet contractors on their level, with an intimate understanding of the frustrations and concerns that come with their industry. We take a consultative approach to each solution we offer, applying 40+ years of experience to a forward-thinking approach to benefits. As the expert in your corner, we tackle the niche information and administrative burden while you focus on winning bids for your business.

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