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At Boon, we pride ourselves on being experts in our industry and forward-thinkers in the world of benefits for government contractors. One fringe benefit solution doesn’t work for all contractors. We provide education and guidance to our clients to ensure their compliance and to help them choose the solutions that are the perfect fit for their needs.

Government contractors have options when it comes to spending their fringe dollars. Boon provides bona fide fringe benefit solutions, compliant healthcare benefits, and administrative services using our “3 Cs” approach to benefits.

Cost Saving benefit solutions and services that are Compliant and tailored to make your future contract bids Competitive.

We stay abreast of state and federal regulations, local living wage ordinances,
and prevailing wage laws to keep our clients informed and compliant. Learn more

Our SCA compliant solutions satisfy the fringe benefit
obligation, with cost savings in mind. Learn more

We ensure compliance and can leverage fringe dollars to lower
labor costs on your prevailing wage contracts. Learn more

Compliance Resources

Boon offers a full spectrum of compliance and accounting services to our clients including: employer support with DOL audits, custom plan documents, HIPAA/ACA/state regulation compliance, access to internal legal counsel, and more.

We offer a variety of resources and services to help the government contractor:
  • 10 regional sales offices across the country with local subject matter experts available 
  • Develop and present benefit proposals that meet the specific needs of the employer
  • Deliver presentations and training on fringe benefit requirements of the Service Contract Act, Davis-Bacon Act, Living Wage Laws and Prevailing Wage Laws

By working collaboratively with contractors, and their independent brokers and consultants, Boon helps meet the needs of the cost-conscious and competitive contractor — providing a fringe benefit solution that is compliant, competitive and cost saving. 

Solutions to Fit Your Needs

Solutions to Fit Your Needs
Are you looking for a specific benefit solution? Boon can provide a tailored solution for a wide variety of your needs. We provide wholesale service solutions for government contractors, fixed indemnity plans, MEC/MVP plans, dependent care coverage, retirement options and an alternative option to satisfy the San Francisco Healthcare Security Ordinance (SFHCSO).

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