Senators: Model Government Contractors Offer Health and Welfare Benefits

On May 15, 18 senators sent a letter to President Obama calling for changes to federal contracting to make the federal government a “model employer.” In the letter, the senators urge the president to encourage contractors to “create middle class jobs for America” by offering higher pay and better benefits.

The ideal government contractor, the senators write, offers health and welfare benefits to employees. The letter states that when contractors offer rich and effective benefits, contractors save the American people money. When employees without health and welfare benefits turn to government aid to make ends meet, the senators argue, “taxpayers are double-billed–once for the cost of the contract and then again for the cost of public programs like food stamps and Medicaid.” The letter calls for the administration to prioritize contractors that create middle-class jobs by offering workers benefits and enacting employee-friendly policies. Read more.

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